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In all the chaos of the things that has happened this year, I have forgotten the post that was most popular from last year–the DWI staging that is put on by the UPD.  Granted it is a bit strange to post it after my last announcement, but I do feel strongly about drunk driving and alcoholism.  This is a very important tool of awareness that the UPD does for the university, all the while getting to work alongside the other first responders in the community.  It is sad that this was my last year to do it–or maybe they will let me continue even though I am no longer working for the PD.

Again this year, I was the person who was “killed” in the drunk driving staged accident.  The story behind the accident this time was I was driving my boyfriend and I back to our apartment/house/box and we were hit head on by a drunk driver.  My boyfriend is injured and has to be taken in the ambulance, I am dead, and the drunk driver is just a bit banged up.  The other difference is that this time it was my “dad” that came to the scene of the accident, not my “mom”.  He did an AMAZING job, too.  Oh, and instead of just covering me with a sheet to load me into the hearse, I was put into a white body bag.  This was something I was unaware of when it happened.  And with all the fake blood on me, it actually bled thru most everything.  In case anyone is wondering which one I am–I am the one with the most “blood” wearing a grey sweatshirt and a red vest.

This year, however, it was still cold at the beginning of March, and of course it rained the night before the staging–and of course my vehicle has no windows or windshield so I was sitting in a soaked seat (freezing, too).  No one had remembered to cover the vehicles.  Now this is also a training for our PD, the city PD, the FD, and EMS, so there are elements in it for us to work on so that our operations that we have to coordinate on together go smoothly.  Usually we are allowed to use the jaws of life on the vehicle to remove the “dead” person, but this year, the vehicle was needed for other parts and we were only allowed to pop the door. 

Either way, the message was still there, and it is one that I am a firm believer in–don’t drink and drive.  Here are the pictures from this year:

So stay safe, don’t drink and drive.  Find a designated driver!


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