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The Blues

Last month and this have been months of ups and downs, and I am tired of the rollercoaster.  Really.

August is always a busy month.  It starts with my birthday, then takes off at a sprint, only slowing down occassionally until December.  Most of it has to do with work (I will touch briefly on this, but will also make a separate post for this), but it also marks the beginning of school.  I am SO close to finishing, I can taste it.  Finally–after 13 years of college (gee, should have three degrees by now), I will have my BAAS in the spring.  Granted everything goes right.

But let’s back up a bit.  We’ll begin with move in week.  I can’t stand that week.  The generation currently beginning college are those from the Millennial Generation and it is a bit concerning.  They are extremely reliant on their parents.  We watched as they moved into the dorms–I can’t even count how many had flatscreen TVs to put into their rooms.  It was a shock.  I remember that I had my first TV in my dorm room–a 12″ little tiny thing.  Oh, well…just shows how times have changed.  But as they came to get their parking permits, it was shocking that many didn’t know (1) what a title was and who held it (“Well, I know I drive it, so does that mean I own it?”) (2) what their license plate number was (“Hang on, I have to call mom and ask–I know my car is in the lot outside, but I don’t want to go out there to look”) (3) or if their parents had registered them for a permit already when they registered their child for school.  Wow.

Ok, enough of that.  On the bright side, I have finished the pinwheel portion of two more blankets, and only going to put an edging on one.  The first is for my chihuahua, and it is maroon and tan.  It won’t get an edging…he doesn’t need it.  The second one is for my friends Sam and Whitney, who are expecting a baby boy.  This one was interesting–I used two types of yarn, one in blue and the other multi-colored (but base of blue).  I will put up the picture of it when the edging is finished and attached…hopefully when I get my other laptop fixed.  I want to work some more on Scrubby-O’s but need to work on my cousin’s blanket for her upcoming wedding.  Finally using my Infinity Loom, and I have only gotten a few rows done.

Classes for me so far are going ok.  I was supposed to be gone with training for work on Sept. 8-18, but due to someone dropping the ball, we didn’t get to go this round.  In addition to attending two classes (Self Defense for PE–one that people with a disability can attend like me–and Sociology of Law), I am also guest lecturing again this semester, and have already been booked for 15 classes.  🙂  Yeah!!  That is a huge improvement!!  I have already done three, and looking forward to the rest.  I will have an officer with me on some of them to promote RAD for the female students (Rape Aggression Defense).  It should be a great semester.  The main thing that has been very distracting, and has been going on since April, is the H1N1 virus.  I won’t lecture here, but please believe me when I say that everyone needs to get all their vaccines–the seasonal flu (I just got mine last Thursday, and go figure I got sick) and the H1N1 when it is available in mid to late October.  Please.  We already have about 100 cases on campus, and are figuring the numbers are going to double each week. 

At the end of August, we were devastated to find out that hubby’s best friend of 36 years passed away from a massive heart attack.  It hit us both hard, but really knocked hubby down.  He was a pall bearer at the funeral, which happened on August 31.  After the funeral we went to lunch with his best friend’s family and friends to tell stories and eat at Gary’s (the friend) favorite restaurant.  It was good for closure.  At about 1am, Kip woke me up, however, thinking that he was having a heart attack.  We went to the hospital around 3am, and he was admitted.  He stayed overnight, but they didn’t find anything wrong with his heart.  Only that he has a really bad case of acid reflux, and also has gallstones.  We are working on getting the acid reflux under control before it does more damage, and will be checking to see if the stones have dissolved or if he will have to have surgery.  Much stress there.

As far as the TTC (trying to conceive) efforts are going, we still aren’t pregnant.  It is quite depressing.  After the ruptured cyst in July, I wasn’t on Clomid for August.  At the beginning of Sept, I went back to my OB and she did another ultrasound.  This time, since there was no interference, we were able to see that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome).  There are about a half dozen on each ovary.  It explains why we are having problems conceiving.  So we are crossing our fingers this month it happened, but we are in the dreaded two week wait.  Here’s to hoping!!!

Happy September to all!!  Autumn is about to be here!!  Yay for cooler weather!!!  Much love to all, and hope that everyone is doing well!!!


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