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Uh-Oh, the big 3-0!!

That’s right…I have officially hit 30. 

I was dreading it.  Miserable.  I sulked for two full months before my birthday.  I thought for sure that a part of me was going to die and wither away the second the clock hit 2:36pm on August 4.  Imagine my surprise when everything went so well, I was actually….happy.

The birthday party my parents threw for me (see previous post) was wonderful.  I loved having close family and friends there to celebrate this milestone in my life.  Still, after all was said and done, I clung to the 48 hours I had left at age 29.  I did enjoy myself despite me being sure I was going to be miserable–afterall, my one of my grandmothers had just gone into the hospital, and I was sure that was a bad omen.  But the company was great, I enjoyed my presents (the money and gift cards promptly went to yarn, as I have a new facination with knitting Scrubby-O’s that Bethany just added to her blog for her 2nd Blogiversary), and I managed to get all my candles blown out.  🙂

Monday passed, then Tuesday was here (the 4th).  The big day.  And Robert was wonderful…I had no idea what was going to happen.  We had planned on going out for lunch together.  What I didn’t know was that he had 7 people coming to lunch with us, and it was so much fun!  I had a great meal, and friends to laugh and enjoy.  Then we got back to the office, did a little work, and Robert told me I needed to go upstairs.  He gave me the excuse that another admin had dumped a lot of paperwork on my desk that needed to be filed, and he had to meet with Chief.  I immediately knew something was up; if he knew my job at all, then he would know that I never do my filing…I have a student worker that does that.  After a bit of good natured argument, I went along with him.  My window where my usual desk was closed, another sign that something was up.  I peeked under a bit..saw red frosting.  🙂  The two ladies up front that I work with had planned a second party at the PD, and one had made the most beautiful cake (she works with us part-time, she is also a professional cake decorator).  It was two layers, the top being chocolate and the bottom vanilla, all red frosting with open and closed black circles.  Many came to sing and eat, but most at the PD just enjoy getting cake–no matter the occassion.  🙂  Here is the cake:

Made for me by Aggie...a wonderful woman at the PD!!!

Made for me by Aggie...a wonderful woman at the PD!!!

At home, hubby got me yet another cake and some beautiful stargazer lillies.  One of my favorites.  🙂

The rest of the week I planned on teaching the two ladies I work with how to loom knit.  So I put together a pattern book and got ready.  Today was the first day to teach, but one forgot.  Tomorrow we resume.  They both want to knit a prayer shawl in a garter stitch, and I am excited for them. 

But finally, I attacked a pattern I had wanted to do forever, but just could not visualize how it was supposed to work.  Much thanks to Bethany with the Scrubby-Os for giving me what I needed to picture it!!  It is Denise’s Pinwheel Blanket pattern and I finally got the first part of it done.  The pinwheel part is completed, and now I have to do the edge–I was going to attempt the sawtooth edge, but opted just for the plain edge.  We have another woman at the PD who is expecting in January, and she doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby.  So I found this beautiful yellow and paired it with white, and I love how it has turned out.  Here it is so far:

The beginning of the baby pinwheel blanket...

The beginning of the baby pinwheel blanket...

I can’t wait to get it done!!

Ok, have some stuff to write for work…department meeting to prepare for!!


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Winnie the Pooh has always been one of my absolute favorites.  Many blankets, a few stuffed animals, plenty of clothes…I may be grown, but Pooh has always had a place in my heart.  And I think he said it best…”Oh, bother.”  That can sum up my month.

Many know that for the last four years hubby and I have been trying to have a child together.  He has two of his own, and for the summer is when we get them–we had the youngest for a month, and my oldest SS stayed until yesterday.  At the beginning of July, hubby and I decided that it was time again to go back on fertility meds.  So we did–and I remembered quite quickly the side effects of Clomid.  The hot flashes, mood swings, and the trouble focusing because of the previous two.  This also meant that I had to stop taking my arthritis meds–my arthritis being in my knees and hips.  So walking became an issue, but I was allowed my pain med and muscle relaxer.  That helped, but I am back to using a cane.  A little over a week ago was when we started blood testing, and we were excited since I was late–but all came back negative.  However, progesterone was way up, and the OB wanted an ultrasound to see what was going on.  It was a mortifying experience since there were a few mishaps, but it turned out I had a ruptured cyst, which mimicked the signs of early pregnancy.  This month there will be no Clomid so I can recover (sucks), but still will try.

That in itself had me down, but now I have a new focus…my birthday.  I turn 30 on Tuesday.  Most people–women especially–will understand the slight depression of turning 30.  It is the loss of your 20s…and a time for reflection.  At least to me.  Growing up, most people have a thought of how life will turn out for them.  Me, I had mine planned:
1. Graduating high school
2. Go to college and graduate in 4 years
3. Marry my high school sweetheart
4. Get an awesome job
5. Have my first child
…all by the time I was 26.  Here I am, days from 30…  
1.  I did graduate from high school.  Check! 
2. I went to college–but won’t be graduating until next spring (I hope), so that took 13 years (yes, just for my BA…had a few bumps in the road).
3. My high school sweetheart and I broke up the first year in college, and I had a little bit of a smirk when I found out he married someone who looked like my twin.  🙂  However, I did get married, but at age 26–and to a customer from a bar where I worked–lol!!
4. I did get an awesome job, just accomplished this year (well, kinda last year, but too much to get in to).  Took me almost 10 years, but I was persistent about working for this PD.  Granted I drive 65 miles each way, I am super happy where I am at and thrilled at what I do.
5. Turns out havin kiddos of my own is a bit of a challenge.  But I have made up my mind that now is the time.  Risks for me are already high as it is, so waiting much longer will just make things worse. I do have two great stepsons (when they don’t hate me for having rules), but it’s not the same. 

But with my birthday comes presents–and some come early.  🙂  Hubby was wonderful and ordered me some BEAUTIFUL looms from DA Looms (again, thank you Isela!!  They are perfect!!).  I finally got the Wondersock Loom and an RG 60″ Infinity Rake.  They are perfect!!  I decided to knit myself a pair of birthday socks, and finished them yesterday.  I wanted to finish them last week, but of course I kept getting distracted by other projects–I finished a beanie for a dear friend that is an EMT, and still working on a scarf in a tiled pattern in the gorgeous plum chenille yarn.  Have more sock yarn I want to use, and can’t wait to start again…

My parent’s threw me a birthday party yesterday, and was quite surprised to see that there were so many people that came, including Robert and family from an hour and a half away…it was great.  I was also surprised that I had such a great time.   Here are some birthday highlights:

Anyway, the big day is tomorrow, and I will be enjoying it at work.  🙂

Speaking of…need to get back to it!!

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