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So…life has been and will continue to be busy for the remainder of this semester.  I have found that work and school are going to take a vast majority of my awake time, whether I am at work/school or at home.  This upcoming week is Spring Break, and yes I have it off–doesn’t mean I actually going to get off.  I have a feeling that I am going to still be busy.  🙂

This last Tuesday was the day that the PD gets together with the other departments in the city (PD, Fire, EMS) to stage a DWI accident on our campus in the middle of the morning inbetween classes.  This year, I got to be the DB (dead body) in the accident.  I was so excited about the whole thing–and it was a blast to do.  The general premise was that I was calling for a safe ride to a dining hall, and the “drunk driver” went the wrong way and plowed into the car I was riding in, essentially killing me and hurting the driver.  While they performed the sobriety tests on the drunk driver, my driver was put in a neck brace and taken away in an ambulance.  After that, they covered my body (except they didn’t do that too well) and busted out all the glass in my car, then used the jaws of life to remove the roof and eventually get me out of the car and drive me off in a hearse.  Pretty morbid, but it made the point.  Lots of students saw it, the newspaper was there, and all in all, I found it to be very successful.  I only got minor cuts from the glass, which apparantly was to be expected.  Here are some pictures…and yes, they are a bit on the icky side, so consider yourself warned.

I do apologize–they are not in order.  There are also almost 400 of them, so I was just picking and choosing which ones I wanted up.  Either way, they are still powerful images.  And thank you to Robert for taking the pictures–I know that it was hard for him to watch his best friend being “dead” and cut out of a vehicle.

Can’t wait til next year…I want to do it again!  So…to all of you who are either Spring Breakers or anyone who goes to a bar/friend’s house/home or wherever and decides to drive home after drinking, please think agian.  Get a ride.  You might make it home this time, but the next you might end up like above.  Or worse, killing someone.


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Wow.  It’s been a long time.

Simply put, it’s been a rough month.  I started the training for my new position at the end of January, just after starting my new semester.  They also changed my hours, and although it is putting me in the heart of traffic, I was slightly happy that I would be sleeping a bit later.  Not so true; it only gives me an extra 30 minutes of sleep, even tho I am going in an hour to two hours later.  As for the new position, I had no idea what I would be stepping off into.  I have now had four weeks of trying to understand all of this, but this is a bigger department than I have ever worked for.  Lots of budgeting, lots of money, and many people depending on me.  Then there is the purchasing parts, and a computer system that absolutely must be the devil’s spawn.   *sigh*  I am really hoping to get this all figured out, and soon.  I hate that I have to keep calling for help…

On top of my new position, there has been so many other things going on (I am really regretting not writing sooner at this point…)!  School is turning out to be a LOT of work, and I really can’t believe that I am actually surprised about that.  My psych class has a LOT of biology in it, and I am just horrible in anything that has to do with biology.  We took a test two weeks ago, and I knew even tho I was the first one done, I didn’t do well.  I emailed my professor, and found out that I got the fifth highest score, even though it was still low.  Then I thought about it…there are only 12 people in my class, so yeah…not as good as I thought.  Almost a C. 

Then there is my sociology class.  Have you ever know one of those people who talks just to hear their own voice?  There is one guy in my class who will NOT shut up.  My class is three hours long, one night a week.  Our professor has told us that we will either get a break in the middle of class, or we will be dismissed early.  We always choose to be let out early.  Since it is in SM and I don’t want to drive an hour and 15 minutes home on those nights at 9:30p (call me silly, but I like to sleep and don’t think that driving while exhausted is a particularly good idea), I am always in favor of getting out early.  But this idiot in the back row can’t keep his trap shut, can’t stick with a veiw point, and is now becoming aware of the class having intents on physical harm.  As class progresses, people are more verbal about throwing their desks or other objects to get him to just be quiet and let the professor talk.  Ug.  I am way behind on my reading for that class, but now that I have picked up the book, I am finding it very interesting. Now I need to get my paper done for that class, too…

So in summary…classes are hectic as usual.  Keeps me quite busy in the evenings and on the weekends.  No spare time…which sucks, because I have a lot of knitting projects I want to do.  Not that it would do any good anyway–it’s been 90 deg. here for the last week.  Well, until yesterday and it dropped 35 deg or so.  Just keep hoping things will slow down, but I am pretty sure that it will be this way until December when I *hopefully* graduate.

Then there is the “weird” part of my life.  I was invited to a party by hubby’s ex-inlaws.  It was for his ex mother in law’s birthday.  I will admit, I was sure that no good was going to come from this, even tho we had had them at our house the day after Christmas to visit the boys.  I still had weird feeling about going there.  It turned out that everything went great, that they have “adpoted” me and we are all friends now.  I am actually quite happy that it turned out like this.  “Her” (the ex) sister and I have become good friends and I really enjoy spending time with her.  The sister’s birthday was yesterday, and I was hoping to see her this weekend, but she’s busy.  Maybe this week.  🙂  But, as usual, it will be a super busy week too.

Just for a peek at this week…Monday I have work and school, Tuesday I have work and a presentation at a dorm, Wednesday I have work and school and a paper due, Thursday is just work (for now) and Friday I am going to work and leaving  early–hubby and I are leaving Friday for a weekend since it will be our three year anniversary.

Anyway, hoping I can be better about writing…I need to slow down!!!

And hey to my favortie Paotie.  Miss chatting, and sorry for not writing!!  But thank you for thinking about me and being worried…maybe now you can see why!!  LOL

Take care to all…

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