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Oh happy day!

Today is a very happy day….it’s going to be a great week.  🙂 

Yesterday, Robert returned to work after 32 days of being gone!  He looks wonderful, and I am so glad that he is back.  Everyone said their congratulations, thrilled that he is back, and it all has seemed to go back to normal.  I know that I am happier than anyone else.  I even bounced–bounced!!–out of bed.  I can’t remember waking up that happy in a long, long time.  The day went fast, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  The only thing left to conquer is my final…

Oh yeah!!  Last Thursday I finally finished the portfolio.  It caused many tears, so much frustration, and lots of digging into things I would have rather left buried.  There was plenty I left out…some that I just forgot to add since the introduction was already 38 pages, and things that I didn’t realize I forgot until after I turned in.  One such thing that I forgot was someone who was important to me, and just so happened to run into him shortly after I dropped my paper off.

As I walked across the main area of campus, I saw a man with a seeing eye dog.  I have seen him before, and I have recognized him each time.   Each time, I never called out.  I didn’t know if he would be happy to talk to me or not, so I never took the chance.  I remembered that he had been angry with me before, but this time…well, I was worn out and already feeling beat up by my paper, so I decided that this would be the time to take that chance.  I called out, and sure enough…it was him.  And he wasn’t angry.  Added to my already happy relief of finishing my class portfolio, and now I am getting the chance to be friends again. 

Today, I was able to catch up with another old friend I hadn’t seen in 11 years.  He came to see the house, then to lunch, and then to my parent’s house.  It was wonderful to get to see him, too, and can’t wait to get to see him again.  We kept our tradition of taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree, and he’s still 15″ taller than I am.  🙂  See?


He hasn’t changed a bit…

There has been some bad news, though.  My father-in-law had a heart attack last Friday, but thankfully was already in the hospital.  He hasn’t been doing well since then; they have had to shock his heart twice to get it to a normal pace, and now are talking about putting in a pacemaker.  On top of that, his kidneys are failing.  I feel bad for my husband since it is his father.  But his father is a very mean man.  He is verbally abusive, and has done nothing but cause problems and heartache for this family.  I hate that my husband is going through this, but I can’t bring myself to go and see him in the hospital.  I know it will all be ok, everything will work out, even if he does end up going to a nursing home with his mother.  Then they will be together, and his mom will be happy.  Her Alzheimers keeps her from remembering how mean he is; I guess that is a blessing.

Other than that, still busy making Christmas presents.  I have made several blankets and numerous other things, just trying to get it done before Christmas comes.  I am still hoping I can.  There’s just lots to do, and not much time left!!!  Here are a few of the things I have finished.




A cold front just blew in, and the fire is going.  I am going to curl up and watch a movie with my hot cocoa….and knit.  🙂  Always knit.

*hugs* Paotie…will be working on your pattern soon!!!


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It’s about 10:30pm, and I am still typing.  Here, and on my paper.  I still have MANY pages to write, but I need to get my brain in a different gear before I hit meltdown.  I know that I am going to get the paper done, but at what cost?  Probably my health, definitely going to lose sleep, and I know I will be paying dearly for it later.

In the mean time, other areas are taking a massive upswing.  For a change.  Robert called today to let me know that he will be returning to work next Monday.  YAY!!  🙂  His doctor gave him the all-clear, and even better news–no heart damage from the heart attack, and no further heart disease.  I am thrilled, and so relieved.  I had no idea how much I was stressing about it until I found out he is ok.  A huge weight lifted, and my focus came back. 

I also finished the second pattern I created.  I am so thankful to Bethany for allowing me to use her mitten pattern within my pattern.  So a big THANKS!!! to Bethany!!  I have sent my pattern for the “Alisha Ponytail Hat” to Karen for review and test knitting, and will be sending my pattern for the “McKenzie Skittens” as soon as I finish typing my portfolio for school and make a few more adjustments.

My final happiness for now is knowing that my Christmas shopping for my boys is done.  That one part makes a huge difference…both hubby and I have had massive pay cuts for the past few months, so making ends meet and affording Christmas has had us both extremely concerned.  We have informed the rest of the family that we won’t be able to do much for anyone, and to please not worry about getting hubby or I gifts; we would rather the kids recieve gifts if they want to do anything for us.  We have plenty and are thankful for what we have; we just want the best for the boys and that would be the best gift for us.

The last month has been extremely difficult for me.  Between Robert’s heart attack, an increase in workload and no increase in work hours, and the ever impending schoolwork/finals….not too easy.  There has been one person who has “listened” to me scream, cry, bitch, whine, moan, laugh, and overcome throughout this month, and I wanted to take the time to say thank you.  So thank you, Paotie.  You helped me more than you could know, and your friendship is something I really treasure.  I know that no matter what happens to me you will be there for me to lean on.  I’m counting on that lunch.  🙂  Lord knows I owe you one.

Ok, I have procrastinated yet once again for far too long.  Break’s over, back to work.

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