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On neglect

Ok, so I have been bad.  I keep meaning to write, but every time I sit to type, something else comes up and I am off again doing whatever.  So now, I am forcing myself to hold still, and try to sum up exactly what has been going on to the best of my abilities (and memory).

*opening calendar*  Hmmm.  So I have missed about a month and a half.  I will begin with saying that no, we aren’t pregnant.  Right now, that is going on hold, for reasons I will get to in a bit.  We have now gone for three months, and still no success–but that’s ok.  Really. 

As I might have mentioned before, my mother in law fell at a resaurant about two months ago.  She was in the hospital for a few weeks with her broken him, but mid April we moved her to a nursing home.  It was a huge ordeal.  Fights in the family were breaking out trying to determine just which home it was going to be, who needed to have her closer, and the schedule of who is going to go and stay with her when.  Me?  I go by about once every two weeks.  Why?  Simple.  That family fights too much, and since I am trying to be respectful to his mother, I don’t want to be around that so that I don’t join in.  Especially in going at my father in law.  Horrid man.  Anyway, she ended up closest to my SIL, and it has proved to be a mistake.  But I have no say.  Oh, well. 

Another notable thing in April–my two year anniversary at work.  A grand moment, one that I look forward to.  It’s the time for my review, the time for my annual raise.  I had good arguments this year for why I deserved the $3 pay raise I was asking for–mainly, I do the work it took 13 people to do before with no supervision, and that data entry techs get are paid at the rate I was trying to get up to when they are hired (and I have been there…yep…two years).  Thought that would be pretty persuasive.  It seemed to go over well.  I also know I have talked several times about getting a promotion, one that I have been asking for since December.  Fast forward to this past Tuesday–my boss finally got around to my review.  Everything that I thought would go right went terribly wrong.  My score dropped.  I was told to rewrite my job description so that I could get my raise, and most likely it won’t be retroactive.  He had the nerve to say I needed to be more organized (I keep three lists a day, everything is filed…I am really anal about organization), and that I need to be more proactive in getting a promotion.  WHAT?!?  So I made a decision.  If he values me and my time that little, then I don’t need to be there.  I am now looking for a different job, and so that means that now is not the time to get pregnant–I need insurance, and getting pregnant would tie me to that job for another nine months.  I won’t last that long.

In the past few weeks, I have been travelling more and more to San Marcos, about an hour south from me.  I have been doing volunteer work for the university police department, and really have enjoyed it.  I have known several of the officers there for 10 years, and to be able to help them out feels great.  One of them in particular has been my best friend for all those years, and he has really stuck his neck out for me.  After hearing about my wonderful review, he pulled some strings, and now I am on my way to going back to school.  I am happy and excited, and really can’t wait to get started.  Next week, I will be going back to SM for four days, meeting with OcEd, an advisor, attend an orientation, and work at the UPD.  YAY!!  What a way to spend a vacation, and there’s nothing I would rather be doing.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend.  Don’t know what I would ever do without him.

As for everything else…knitting has kinda taken a back seat for now.  I am still working on my MIL’s blanket, and hoping to finish it soon.  I wish I could have had it done by Mother’s Day, but there’s no way.  Hmmm…maybe I can try though.  We’ll see.  The boys won’t be coming til maybe the end of the month, but that’s up in the air.  Otherwise, it won’t be til mid June when my oldest comes, and the youngest comes a month later.  We are only having one at a time.  I might just stick it out at my job til then so I can stay at home with them…but again, we’ll see.  That’s about it for now…just looking forward to next week!  Wish me luck with going back to school! 


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